Writing updates

In the past I’ve gone thru cycles where I either wrote music or wrote words, but not on average, both. For awhile, I wasn’t really doing either, just trying to get established after moving, finding jobs that might be even remotely related to my specialties.

So, I haven’t been writing about Theory or Analysis, but I am happy to say that I have been able to teach some sight singing/music reading periodically, and I have an actual job that pays me to do music, and I get to teach private lessons, even if right now it’s digitally.

I have recently started a project to encourage myself to write music more. If you’re interested in that see here:



I’m considering trying to motivate myself to write more words, but I can’t guarantee that will come out as analytic/academic writing, since academic appointments/goals seem to be less attainable/desirable at this point.

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