Treble Clef

Treble clef is the clef used for higher notes, generally speaking. It looks like this:


Treble clef is also sometimes called the “G” clef, because the curly part circles around the G above middle C.


Each line and space is it’s own note name. Many people use mnemonics to memorize the lines or the spaces. For example:





Every Good Boy Does Fine

If you have a favorite mnemonic you use, let us know in the comments!


The # (sharp) symbol indicates a note that is raised a half step (from white key to adjacent black on the piano), while the ♭(flat) indicates lowering one half step.

ab c copy

A-flat, C-sharp


Ideally, you come to associate a visual with a note you sing or a position of your hand on an instrument so quickly that you don’t have to think about it. Sometimes it helps to make flashcards to practice this, especially if you’re just reading music without necessarily playing it. Here are some Treble lines to practice naming.


d staff

b staf'

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