organization and plans

In the last couple weeks I’ve sent off 11 or so academic applications, so I spent most of my time on cover letters, teaching philosophy, and formatting writing samples to send. I also had to dig up my composition portfolio from my Master’s degree (that was a headache)!

Today, I worked on reorganizing the blog so most things can be found simply. I’ve tried to make sure every post is tagged in it’s proper category, so if someone wants to read every single dissertation post, they’re all in one place. The links to various categories are here:

The second paragraph on the above page refers to my forthcoming plans for this blog. I’m hoping to use this platform as a place to work on ways to introduce various topics in Functional Analysis, in hopes of having some sort of textbook eventually. To that end, the next several weeks will be a series of posts on how Functional Analysis works. I’m going to try to keep it focused on a pedagogical viewpoint, and I’m going to try to avoid just reusing wholesale chunks of my dissertation – it’s not really designed as a teaching tool. I’m hoping that this series of posts would allow someone to make themselves familiar with this system, enough to use it as an analysis tool. If you have thoughts on a particular type of analysis you’d like to see, or an issue you’d like addressed, let me know and I’ll add it to the schedule.

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