Dissertation Diary 2016-03-31

Wheee! Welcome to the home stretch. We set a solid deadline of finish writing by May third, and I scheduled my defense for May 26th. My public lecture is May 24th at 4pm, and my afternoon chore is finishing signature hunting so that I can get that finalized.

I started this week out a lot stressed about the reorganization of chapters three and four, because I didn’t know if it would work the way I hoped. But, when I came back to it Tuesday after a week off, it wasn’t as far off as I had feared, and this morning I buckled down and read thru some comments, and I think I actually moved closer to addressing those comments with the reorganize than I realized. I’m meeting with one of my committee next Monday, and after that we’ll know for sure how much work I have to do on the last bits. Basically, I’m cutting half of old chapter 4, and the whole document will end up being 50-25 pages shorter than anticipated. That’s ok, because the things I’m cutting aren’t actually relevant to my overall goals.

I’m struggling on writing conclusions and transitions; hopefully next week I’ll be able to make some headway on those things.


Bits of writing! This pdf is the last 10 or so pages of the new chapter 3 – all then fun chromatic labels!

blog 2016-03-31

The newest addition is that I finally got a good example of a VI as a pre-tonic:

Continuing with replacements, just as dR can be used, so can sR (le do me). The refrain from “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas provides a good example of this.[1] This refrain also uses te re fa as a pre-tonic and a pre-pre-tonic (dR, psR).

t              tR           psR  sR

Em         G            D       C

Carry on my wayward son


t             tR                          dR

Em               G                            D

There’ll be peace when you are done


t              tR           psR         sR

Em       G               D         C

Lay your weary head to rest




Don’t you cry no more

[1] Kansas, Kansas.

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