Dissertation Diary 2016-03-10

This week, I compiled 41k words in 163 pages to send to my continuity editor. However, this morning I got back more edits on chapter 4 (which I was totally expecting) and it seems like I have more work to do than I hoped. I feel better about chapter 1 tho, even if I haven’t gotten it checked by my advisor. I’m sure it needs filling out in places. I also spent some time cleaning up my bibliography and starting on the front matter – table of contents and examples. The text is in and I can mess with the formatting later.

I was planning on adding another section to chapter 4 this morning, but the internet is out at home so I spent a great deal of time on the phone with the ISP. I could go to the library this afternoon, and I probably need to, but it threw of my work rhythm and now I’ve sort of given up on today. I have time next week during finals to get some work done, hopefully I can catch up then.

I think I’m going to fall short of my dream of getting a complete draft by spring break – unless I can magically write chapter 5 next week too. That’s ok, my actual deadline for first draft completion is end of April, so that should be ok.

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