Dissertation Diary 2015-06-05

Summer! I did indeed catch up with my readings this week. I started a document for Chapter 2, it has an outline and a plan for next fall. I did some edits on Chapter 2.5 this morning, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done, but I purposely left myself some questions in the draft so that I can pick up the thread next time I come back to it.

I also did some fiddly edits on Chapter 3 this week; it’s pretty close. I’d still like some various, outside eyes on it at some point, but at 50 pages and 13,000 some words (not including 4 associated appendices), I think it’ll stand for now.

I don’t expect to be posting much over the summer. If I get bored faster than I thought, maybe, I’ve got plans for lots of not-doing-school-work. My next post will likely be in September or October.

Let me know if you want to read any drafts and have a good summer!

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