Dissertation Diary 2015-01-27

I’ve messed with and added to what I once was planning to be an article, so I have approximately 18 pages (3600 words) of Chapter 3 – Implementation. This is either the whole chapter, or half the chapter, if I decide to keep pedagogical implications in chapter 3. I’ll work on cleaning up the examples and diagrams while I wait for feedback from professors and friends. Anyone who wants to read it is welcome to!

I know that I was planning on being ahead of schedule, but being 4 weeks ahead of what I gave myself really feels good, and helps both on the days where I need motivation (look, you’re doing well!) and on the days where I need a break (what, sun in January? go outside, it can totally wait). Hopefully diagrams won’t take forever, but if I’m going to do them properly, it might.

I’m excited to finish this part and start designing syllabi and assignments for the next part.

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