Dissertation Diary 2015-01-20

I think I’m going to try posting on Tuesdays for awhile and see if that works.

I’m starting with the section I know the best first, so that I can feel accomplished, and like I’m getting something done. I’ve given myself the whole quarter (til mid-March), but I’m kinda hoping to get ahead of schedule. That would give me more time on the more difficult chapters, and, psychologically, feel really good to be “ahead” even if I kinda know it should happen. I’ve given myself a quarter’s worth of buffer at the end (next spring) for editing and formatting etc., but so many of my colleagues have recently hit weird roadblocks at the end that I want to avoid getting behind at the last minute.

This week I’m planning out how to attack my first section of actual dissertation writing, starting with outlining and scavenging prose from old article drafts (part of why this section will go relatively quickly). Later, I’m going to have to redo all my images, so I’m glad the prose should be straight-forward.

If all goes well, I could have the implementation section done by the end of the quarter. If I’m really lucky, I’ll finish chapter 2 (implementation+pedagogy stuff; or maybe they should be separate? ack, decisions!) before June and start agonizing over my history chapter.

[I like alliteration, sorry.]

One response to “Dissertation Diary 2015-01-20”

  1. kristaabrahamson Avatar

    If anyone has any interest in reading drafts, let me know!

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