Writing with a schedule

So I told myself that I’d post every week. This week and the next 2 weeks I’m try to stick to a very strict schedule in order to get projects done in time for finals.* This means that I have to do work other than specifically my dissertation things, so post here may be short or absent. I might make up for it by posting 4 or five times in finals week, who knows!

In the past week, I was reading Harmony by Heinrich Schenker, I found some encouraging things: he even uses the word function in the same way I do! When I’ve gotten farther on that project (“Teaching Schenker from a Functional Harmonic Perspective” working title) I’ll post more details.

The project I’m cracking away at most strenuously is for Psychology of Music. I’m reading a bunch of neat articles on how the brain functions and how we perceive different musical structures. I’m hoping to have a clearer idea of what I want to say later this week.


*I’d like to keep this blog academically oriented but I’d like to note that I also recently took a position as Treasurer of my grad teachers union, and we’re in a contentious bargaining cycle right now, so my time is getting eaten up by that too. If you want to hear me yelling about unions with the sarcasm filter turned off, find me on Twitter: @KRAbrahamson

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