Dissertation Goals

Now that the quarter is over, I have to find other things to write about! I’m thinking about my dissertation proposal, so here’s a brief summary of the purpose of my dissertation:

My project will first show the history of Roman numeral analysis, Functionstheorie, and where they intersect or not, to place my work in historical context. I will do this by examining treatises including Rameau, Weber, Riemann, and more.
The meat of the document will demonstrate the usage of my updated version of Functional Analysis, showing it’s advantages and limitations. Much of what I’ve already written and taught will help with this.
I also hope to include examples of possible interactions between Functional Analysis and other theories, like Schenkerian Analysis and Neo-Riemannian, and other extensions, like modes.

I will try to update approximately weekly, so if you have questions you want me to blog about, let me know!

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