Review Items

Here are some terms and concepts that we will refer to.

PAC – Perfect Authentic Cadence. Dominant moving to Tonic. Stereotypical end of a tonal piece. So-do in the bass, do in the soprano

IAC – Imperfect Authentic Cadence. Dominant moving to Tonic. Destabilized version of PAC, either because of inversion, pitch in the soprano, or Dominant substitution.

HC – Half Cadence. Cadence for phrases ending on Dominant. No requirement for the previous chord. (A Phrygian HC involves le-so in the bass.)

Plagal Cadence – Predominant moving to Tonic. Associated with “Amen” from hymns. Usually happens after an authentic cadence (PAC or IAC).

scale degree – Major – minor
1                     do    –  do
2               re      –      re
3               mi    –      me
4               fa     –      fa
5               so    –      so
6               la    –       le (la)
7               ti      –       te (ti)

(In minor, la and ti may occur in addition to le and te depending on harmonic context.)

Tonic – do mi so
Dominant – so ti re (fa)
PreDominant – fa la do/re

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